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Driving an LPG vehicle is cheaper than its petrol or diesel equivalent and is better for the environment.  This makes it one of most viable options as an alternative vehicle fuel in the UK with no noticeable loss in performance.


Financial Savings

You can save up to 50% off your fuel bill.  This means that both the private motorist and the business user can make significant financial savings by switching to LPG.  Due to cuts in fuel duty, LPG retails for approximately half the price of petrol and diesel. LPG vehicles also qualify for cheaper road tax.


LPG vehicles converted by authorised dealers can apply to Transport for London to receive 100% discount on the daily London Congestion Charge.


About LPG

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a natural hydrocarbon fuel made up of propane and butane.  It has the special property of becoming liquid when under pressure, and reverting to gases at atmospheric pressure. This means it can be easily and conveniently stored as a liquid.

About 60% of the world supply of LPG comes from the separation of natural gas products, and 40% is a by-product from the refining of crude oil.  In the past, LPG has been considered as waste and flared off; now it is recognised as a major energy source.


Environmental issues are now a part of everyday life.  Two topics high on the agenda are poor air quality, particularly in urban areas, and global warming.  Vehicle emissions, ie particulates, nitrogen oxides (NOx) and carbon dioxide (CO2), are recognised as one of the main contributors to these problems.  LPG emits similar CO2 to diesel and considerably less than petrol. It is also much cleaner than diesel in terms of NOx and particulates which impact on our local air quality.


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